Marketing mix 4ps ppt

marketing mix 4ps ppt

etc. You can alter them on the basis of your requiremet. State your important goals here. All four Ps work together to achieve customer satisfaction as well to meet the goal of organization. Its factors are- Post-War, Soaring, Turbulent, Uncertain, One To One, Financially Driven. As shown in diagram, there are many sub factors which are governing 4 Ps, which can be explained as below :. Slide 46 : This is a Lego image slide to show information, specifications etc. Some examples of distribution decisions include: Distribution channels Market coverage(inclusive, selective, or exclusive distribution) Specific channel members Inventory management Warehousing Distribution centers Order processing Transportation Reverse logistics. Showcase your agendas here. You can change the slide contents as deemed fit. Slide 4 : This slide states The 4 P's Of Marketing Mix which are- Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Slide 26 : This slide states Extended Marketing Mix with- People, Process, Physical Evidence. Today however, the marketing mix most commonly remains based on the.

Marketing Mix 4Ps

Wedding invitations with photo insert Marketing communication decisions include: Promotional strategy (push, pull, etc.) Advertising Personal selling sales force Sales promotions Public relations publicity Marketing communications budget. Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made : marketing mix 4ps ppt Brand name Functionality Styling Quality Safety Packaging Repairs and Support Warranty Accessories and services. Slide 3 : This is What Is Marketing Mix slide showing- place, product, promotion, price.
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marketing mix 4ps ppt OF marketing The 4 p s of Marketing The term marketing mix became popularized after Neil H Borden published his 1964. Marketing Mix 4Ps, the marketing mix elements that make up an organization s marketing program: Product; Promotion; Price; Place. The 4. These are- Promoting To A Different Market Sector, Adding A Feature, Reducing The petition template microsoft word Price, Modifying The Product. Slide 5 : This is The Marketing Mix slide. Slide 19 : This slide presents ATL And BTL Promotion with respect to Consumers. Four PS OF marketin C T C E M O N S C.

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