How to put pictures in a folder

how to put pictures in a folder

photos saved in OneDrive. 2, find the location where you want to create your folder. Otherwise, your Documents folder should. 5, copy files into your new folder. How can I pick out the ones I want to send (and how to send them by email?) as how to put pictures in a folder I prefer not to delete the ones I wont send, to avoid later regrets. 4, create nested directories. You will see where Photos is getting its images from. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. You can start the Command Prompt by pressing WinR and typing cmd into the Run box. Right-click the folder and select "Rename." Then, type the new folder name. Until you restart your computer.


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You can create. Dec 15, 2015 Win10: How to put photos into folders / How to choose some. I would copy the ones you want to send into a separate folder.

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  1. You can also place another folder into your folder. So the upgrade appears to have worked. How satisfied are you with this response? Its kind of slow as far as our own tests went so it might take some time to pop up for others users as well. 4, name the folder.
  2. Then highlight those, right click on one and 'send to' compressed zip folder. That zip folder you can attach to a mail. MS does not keep any secrets. This is normal operational 101 - you just have to learn. Launch Windows Live Photo Gallery.
  3. Click the blue button with an arrow in the upper left of the Photo Gallery window. Click to select the folder containing the picture you want to display in Photo. Photo Gallery will import the folder and all the pictures. Mar 22, 2012 Question Info.
  4. For example mkdir -p VacationImagesFavorites would create the Vacation directory in your current location, with the Images directory inside, and the Favorites directory located inside the Images directory. Method 2 Using the Command Prompt 1, open the Command Prompt. Would you like to save in the Pictures folder instead.


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