Onesie ideas for a baby shower

onesie ideas for a baby shower

case you are like me, and are looking for non-traditional baby shower activities, I thought I would share some tips and tricks for hosting a onesie decorating baby shower. I got a few sheets. Because I have a Cricut machine, I could easily prep some designs in the iron-on vinyl material and have them ready for guests. Know a baby? If so, you might have a new project to start. To ensure applique stays adhered to onesie after multiple washes, applique must then be sewed down (either with a machine or by cash reconciliation meaning hand) or adhered by piping fabric paint over the edges of the fabric applique that meet the onesie. ) ( Oh, and more about Freezer Paper here. Huggies Little Snugglers Plus (only available at Costco in sizes Newborn, 1, and 2, are designed to help keep babys skin clean and healthy with the Leak Lock 12 hour protection. And to find the Costco store in your area, check out this store locator! Okay, really its because this big 10 month isnt super stable on that squishy arm chair. .

A Baby Shower Onesie

Trace your template pieces onto the paper side of the adhesive. Iron orange cement mixer onesies to remove wrinkles. I wanted her baby shower to be picture perfect and a celebration of not only this exciting time in her life, but a celebration of her as well. Even if you dont have a vinyl cutter.
  • Everybody had a good time figuring out how to decorate their pieces, and it was all pretty quick and easy. RIT dye in bright colors, leaving the onesies in the dye bath for various amounts of time to create different saturations of color. Iron-on vinyl  (I have used a variety of t this. This is a great gift because all new parents need lots of diapers and bath time items, plus you are gifting a special hand crafted gift that the new Mom will always remember in the form of the decorated onesie! Rain cloud template ( can upload this file into your vinyl cutter program and trace it, or cut this out and trace it onto freezer paper to make a stencil.) Freezer paper (If you want.
  • Hosting a baby shower or diaper onesie ideas for a baby shower shower? Over the past few months I have shared my excitement for one of my closest friends who is expecting her first baby! You can make this. .
  • Learn to decorate onesies at your next baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this wearable craft. Baby Shower Crafts: Decorate Onesies Station. Create a decorating station to the side of the shower and include all the items needed!
  • Think beyond the traditional cheesy baby shower games and check out this baby shower idea onesie decorating! Allow paint to dry for about 15-20 minutes before peeling off tape and gently removing stencil. Allow for 2-3 hours for the shower. Iron some of your fusible adhesive onto the wrong side of your fabric. .  He is squishy and so so cute, but he drools like 12 Life Changing DIY Ideas for your baby Okay okay.
  • Place and hold iron on paper side for 2 seconds. Wash, dry and iron all onesies before the shower. To attach fabric adhesive/bond to fabric pieces, preheat iron to wool setting.


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Repeat iron pressing over the entire surface until the fabric bond is fully adhered. Allow material to cool. If leaving email to colleagues reusing paint brush or foam pouncer, wash and dry thoroughly before using with next colored paint to prevent bleeding. Because who knows, maybe a few of you have a baby shower to attend this very weekend! We celebrated her recently with a baby shower and I was put in charge of a onesie decorating station. Use more than just onesies. Directions: For DIY Appliqued Onesies:. DIY baby onesie supplies: Plain Baby Onesies (I have found a few colors at Hobby Lobby.

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How to make a pamper cake for baby shower Or even if you make just s just nice to have it removable so it doesnt get crumpled in the wash. And look how cutie-pie hilarious they are on Max, with his little rain cloud shirt! Alternatively, you can trace a stencil onto the paper adhesive backing and use scissors to cut out the desired shapes by hand. At first I wasnt going to post about it but I actually put a good amount of work into it, so hopefully this helps a whole generation of baby shower onesie ideas for a baby shower planners to dodge the puff-paint bullet. Guests just cut out the piece of the design that they wanted and ironed it right onto the clothing.
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onesie ideas for a baby shower

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Below the onesie ideas for a baby shower tutorial, I am sharing some additional tips and tricks for making this crafty baby shower a success! Cut your pieces out and then peel off the paper backing, leaving the adhesive layer on the fabric.

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