How to eliminate to be verbs

how to eliminate to be verbs

college. Passive constructions do not always include this information: Wooden caissons were used until fiberglass structures were developed in the 1950s. Please read our content policy before sharing our content. Took over looked up went around. Is your brother taller than you? Notice the differences between the sentences. The To be will change form to indicate whether the subject is singular or plural: The foundation is supported by enormous floating caissons that keep it from sinking into the swamp. Subject-Verb Agreement, job descriptions now software and notice how often the choices we make require a familiarity with these forms of the To be verb. Ain't is not regarded as acceptable except in text attempting to duplicate substandard speech.) Order with Adverbs Notice that adverbs of frequency normally appear after forms of the verb To be: As a student, he was seldom happy. In Certain behaviors are allowed, is "are linking behaviors to "allowed" (a participle acting as a predicate adjective) or is are allowed a passive verb? Here are some more examples: Rosario was able to finish her degree by taking online courses. They were constructed by workers half submerged in the murky waters. See the section on modals for the various kinds of information conveyed by modals (advisability, predictability, guessing, necessity, possibility, etc.). Thus "be supportive of" for "support" is verbose. Is it snowing in the mountains? Brings in factors in takes. We'll have to do _ with ( eliminate) some of these provisions. Progressive Forms Click here for a thorough discussion of the progressive verb forms. Visit our section on the passive for advice on when to use the passive and when to substitute more active verb forms. In a way, the To be verb doesn't do much for you it just sits there and text that is too heavily sprinkled with To be verbs can feel sodden, static. He wasn't widely accepted in this country at first, was he? Weak Word: DID act activate administer apply arrange carry out conduct execute facilitate handle perform Weak Word: make assemble compose create design develop devise engineer establish fashion formulate generate produce synthesize Weak Word: FIX alleviate amended debugged detected diagnosed investigated remedied repaired. Verb phrases containing "be" verbs are often merely roundabout ways of saying something better said with a simple verb. You forgot to _ in employee benefits.
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  • Learn useful list of 700 common verbs in English with example sentences and ESL printable worksheets. Learn verbs list with different types classified by their grammatical functions. Using phrasal verbs in Business English - Practice test 1 - practice using phrasal verbs in Business English. Power verbs are action words that have positive meanings in English. When you use a power verb, you can communicate your message more strongly and confidently than when using other verbs.
  • I am Who's responsible for this mess in the bathroom? Two plus two equals four. There is one explanation for this story's ending in Faulkner's diary. That branch _ ( makes, earns) a lot of money.
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  • (When we eliminate the To be and the relative pronoun, we will also have to reposition the predicate adjective to a pre-noun position.) An expletive construction, along with its attendant To be verb, can often be eliminated to good effect. Please note that the same power verbs can be used for many different jobs, so if you see a power verb in one job category such as medicine, it may also apply to a different job too. Power verbs can also make your writing more interesting and help prevent you from using the same words too many times. Get the File, action Verb, sample Context adapted adapted a certain process to meet the companys changing needs anticipated anticipated a potential outcome and formulated a possible solution achieved achieved a goal or accomplishment clarified clarified ambiguities in various groups. (For further information and additional vocabulary in dealing with linking verbs, visit the hyperlinks in this paragraph.) Professor Moriber is the Director of Online Learning.

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We wouldn't write The troops was moving to the free accounting software download south africa border. Customer Service, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail Store accommodate address advertise advise aid anticipate answer assist assure clarify communicate distribute document exhibit explain handle help interact listen promote resolve support target translate welcome Law Legal Professions advocate amend analyze arbitrated extracted interviewed investigate. Notice that the adverb still appears after To be verbs but before other main verbs: My brother-in-law still works for the bank. Notice how the information about who did the action is frequently found in a prepositional phrase beginning with. Were they embarrassed by the comedian? He is still a teller after twenty years. Look the word up in a dictionary, search the internet for examples of sentences where it has been used, and if possible, find someone to check your sentence to make sure that youve used it correctly. Who's going to the movies with me? The verb To be also acts as a linking verb, joining the sentence subject with a subject complement or adjective complement. Review carefully the material in our section.
This is especially useful when you are applying for a job and want to appear as a confident and competent. The Forms of To Be The Greek sea god, Proteus, was (like the sea) capable of changing form in an instant. In order to get any decent information out of him, you had to grab him and hold on tight while he went through his various forms lion, wild boar, snake, tree, running stream it wasn't easy. Using phrasal verbs in Business English - Practice test 2 - practice using phrasal verbs in Business English. Need a sample of, warning, letter?

How to eliminate to be verbs - Using phrasal

How to eliminate to be verbs May 2018 memorial day
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how to eliminate to be verbs

Power Verbs: How to eliminate to be verbs

Use positive and actionable words. Important: make a back up your company data file before continuing! CareerBuilder for, medical Records And Health Information Technician Jobs and browse our platform. Glimmertree, youre supporting a small business, and, in turn, Etsy!

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